Scrum Events

Myth: you do not have to follow all the rules for the events. This myth is responsible for loss of transparency and productivity.

The Scrum Guide prescribes Events. In other words: not optional, but required. The reasoning behind the Events is that they will help a Scrum Team to have a regular heartbeat and also to avoid other meetings which are not a part of Scrum.

 The Events are:

  • The Sprint
  • The Sprint Planning
  • The Daily Scrum
  • The Sprint Review
  • The Sprint Retrospective

Characteristics of Events

Scrum Events are always time-boxed. The length of a Sprint may not be changed. This helps the Scrum Team to stay focused and transparent. The other Events are equally time-boxed, but once the objective is accomplished for the particular Event, the Event can - and should be - ended.